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Why can’t bras have buttons? - Indu Antony

This has been conceptualised as a memory box where each object has been sewn by a single strand of hair of the artist. Through this work Indu aims to emphasize how hair is a metaphor for memory. The book presents various objects collected by her over the years as a way of documenting her life.


This book was published on January 14th 2021. The book is only a first edition book of 300 (Regular) + 30 (Special). This book won Artist book of the year 2022 (Indian Art Awards), Best photobook to look out for (Women Photograph), Paris- Aperture Photobook award shortlist (2021), Al Kazi photobook of the year shortlist (2021)

Editions: 300 +30

Jolly Bird - Kanike Book

We’ve come a full circle from the dark days of uncertainty, chronicling isolation and associated temperaments, dealing with pain and loss, and a finally a splinter of hope as we race towards the end of this year. During this period, Kanike has been the only space of stark reality for us, taking stock of each other’s physical and emotional health, nursing wounds while offering words of solace and silence as panacea. Inbetween these moments, we coaxed ourselves to express what we felt, what we felt for, what we thought we felt through photographs, words, drawings, prints and sewing interjected by dark and comical headlines in the local newspapers that wafted us by, offering an alternative commentary.
We hemmed all that into a project, presenting in its leaves an intimate, insightful and deeply personal exploration. This book is handmade, hand-bound and available now in a first edition of 50 copies. 

Vāsané -Indu Antony


This is a project archiving the smells of Bengaluru.
Bengaluru is a delightful potpourri of a city with multiple identities and cultures, and as a technological centre is subject to change at a rather fast pace. But unlike cities like Mumbai and Chennai, Bengaluru doesn’t yet have a distinct smell that can call its own. We all know smell is one of the most under-rated senses and awakening this within the context of the city could lead to a deep layer of engagement with the city. Adding an olfactory identity could certainly contribute to Bengaluru’s strong characteristics. The city has a wide range of people who are invested in the smell industry but to turn their lens (or noses) to understand our everyday smells would be an interesting exercise. It will allow us to navigate the city via multiple smell profiles, creating an interesting perspective of its landscape. Anybody who enters a new city tries to connect to the city with their senses - this helps build a bond and a deeper sense of citizenship.

Limited edition - 100

1….2…Ready! -Indu Antony


There was/is a tradition of taking one’s child to be photographed at a studio when they roll over for the first time in India- a milestone in growth. The studio photographer utters all kind of words to get the attention of the baby. This zine is a collection of these found images with the words, along with an image of the artist herself.

Editions: 50

Dear Stefan - Shalini


This is Mazhi books first zine as well and we are excited to work with Shalini. This zine is a letter to her 5 year old son - Stefan who was diagnosed with Erwing Sarcoma. A journey they went together. The zine contains writings and photographs by shalini and drawings by Stefan.

Editions: 50

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