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Mazhi Books was established in 2021 as the self publishing initiative of Indu Antony. She is a transdisciplinary artist based out of Bangalore and Kerala in India. Born and raised in a conventional Indian family she overcame various social obligations to pursue her forms of expression. Antony pursued her degree in medicine and then later on moved to learning and practising art full-time. Her works comprise of understanding feministic stands and often unite her larger practice. She understands the presence of gendered bodies in public spaces and has conversations around this with her long-standing project - Cecilia’ed. She created the Birst ever drag king photo series - ManiFest that was exhibited in multiple countries and created awareness about LGBTQI+ issues. Antony is passionate about community work and set up Namma Katte in 2021 (a women's community arts and leisure centre).


With the need for more women to enter the self-publishing space, she set up Mazhi books. Her first book published received a lot of accolades.

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