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Vāsané is a project archiving the smells of Bengaluru.
Bengaluru is a delightful potpourri of a city with multiple identities and cultures,
and as a technological centre is subject to change at a rather fast pace. But
unlike cities like Mumbai and Chennai, Bengaluru doesn’t yet have a

distinct smell that can call its own. We all know smell is one of the most under-
rated senses and awakening this within the context of the city could lead to a

deep layer of engagement with the city. Adding an olfactory identity
could certainly contribute to Bengaluru’s strong characteristics.
The city has a wide range of people who are invested in the smell industry but
to turn their lens (or noses) to understand our everyday smells would be an
interesting exercise. It will allow us to navigate the city via multiple
smell profiles, creating an interesting perspective of its landscape. Anybody
who enters a new city tries to connect to the city with their senses - this helps
build a bond and a deeper sense of citizenship.

Limited edition - 100 only.

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